This is Understanding Brainware in Computer Systems

Understanding Brainware - Hardware and software is a term in the computer world that we often hear. In fact, most people already know what the two terms mean even though they are not struggling in the computer field. But not the case with the term brainware. This term is rarely used, so not many people know what brainware is. Let's look at the following explanation.

 Definition of brainware

The term computer brainware is intended for people who use or operate computers. As sophisticated as a computer, both in terms of hardware or software, if there is no brainware that operates it, then the computer's hardware and software functions will not be able to run optimally. Based on the level of computer operation, brainware can be classified into:

1. Analyst

Analyst is a person who is responsible for planning, determining and giving recommendations on what system or software is suitable for the company's business needs. An analyst must have 4 basic skills, namely analytical, technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills.

Analytical skills are expertise in understanding the needs of the company so that an analyst can identify what computer systems can meet those needs. Technical expertise is expertise in understanding computer information systems and technology. This expertise requires that an analyst master the programming language, operating system and hardware components. Managerial expertise is expertise in controlling projects, resources, risk factors and potential threats. Interpersonal expertise is the ability to communicate with other system users such as programmers, administrators, and users.

2. Programmer

The programmer is a person who masters various kinds of programming languages ​​so that he is able to create a computer program.

3. Administrator

Administrator is the person who is responsible for managing and controlling computer programs and computer networks.

4. Operator

Operator is a person who operates a computer or commonly referred to as a user. Operators can only run computer applications that are allowed by the administrator.

5. Technician

Technician is the person who is responsible for maintaining hardware components and repairing if there is damage to the hardware in the computer system.

You also need to know that there is an American company called Brainware which is engaged in data collection and archiving. So don't be fooled by what the actual understanding of brainware is based on search engine results.

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