The Highest Salary Programming Language in the World

With so many choices of programming languages ​​available, it makes it difficult for some people to determine what language they will use. The choice of programming language used also influences the payment obtained.

Stack Overflow, a popular website that developers use to share their skills, usually does an annual survey to get useful statistics from the developer community, from their salaries to favorite technology.

In early 2019, it surveyed nearly 90,000 developers after which it revealed some interesting statistics. One of them is the statistics of the highest paid programming language in the world.

As the graph above, that programmers who use the language Clojure, F #, and Go are the highest paying programming languages ​​in the world. With an average salary above $ 70,000 USD. It was also revealed that salary income from programming languages ​​also had an effect on the regional programmers.

In Indonesia, Clojure is not very popular compared to C ++, Java, Python and other programming languages. Then why does Clojure become the highest-paying programming language in the world? Quoted from that there are 3 qualities possessed by Clojure, namely: easy, can be used for any needs, fun.

Clojure is known to be good for data processing, because Clojure has the right data structure to do that. Clojure has some very good ways to display data, and the data structure is easy to use. Clojure is also good in terms of concurrency that is also suitable for use in building web-based applications.

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