Lenovo Develops a Premium Yoga Type

In the midst of the development of the smart phone market, Lenovo continues to maintain the Yoga series by innovating products. The desire of the market to buy devices is no longer a matter of specification but also according to the style and character of its users.

"The PC market continues to move, from one size device to many shapes," Lenovo Indonesia Country General Manager Budi Janto said at the Lenovo Yoga Premium launch event in South Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2).

In the launch event, Lenovo released three types of premium Yoga, namely Yoga 910, Yoga 510, and Yoga Book tablet. All the latest types are made based on ideas and suggestions from loyal customers of Lenovo.

For the 910 series is more aimed at users who do not take advantage of too many multimedia features. This type can help support the work of business people. Then type 510 tends to gamers even though the performance is not the same as a special gaming device.

Then the third type, Lenovo released a more casual and simple Yoga Book tablet. Users don't expect tablet performance to be similar to desktop. Nevertheless it can still be relied upon for types of work with high mobility.
But basically all products are created with different designs and functionalities. This Yoga Book is also more special because it is equipped with a 'virtual' Halo Keyboard by activating the Type mode.

The following specifications and prices of each product:

910 Premium Yoga

Yoga Premium 910 has the specifications of a laptop with multimode Intel Core i7 with the highest premium performance. With a frameless screen size approaching 14 inches with a body area of ​​13.3 inches, this series only has a thickness of 14.3 mm only. The screen design displays a display with 10 percent greater area because it is framed with 5 mm edgeless bezel. The screen is equipped with Full HD + IPS capabilities so it can increase pixels 14 percent greater than the previous series. The sound is also further sharpened by JBL and Dolby Audio Premium speakers. Laptops are also equipped with fast charging features and can last up to 15.5 hours when used in standard mode. Uniquely, the laptop can be used as a power bank even in closed conditions. For security, 910 is equipped with a fingerprint feature. Users can enter the device with just one touch through the Windows Hello feature. Yoga 910 Premium is priced at Rp. 24.5 million.

Yoga 510

This 14 inch Yoga 510 series is no different from before, it's just thinner with a weight of 1.75 kg. This device is more suitable for those who work with high mobility but require desktop facilities. The unique hinge and touch screen display allows the screen to be rotated up to 360 degrees. The 14 inch Full HD + IPS display provides brighter and detailed visuals. The device is also strengthened with a VGA card and capacity up to 1 TB HDD making it suitable for gamers. Although it is suitable for gamers the device cannot match a gaming desktop specifically. Yoga 510 has audio support by Harman with a high level of clarity and sharpness of sound. That is why for users with a hobby of watching movies through a laptop can rely on this device. Laptops also have a long battery life, which is eight hours. However, to fully charge the battery takes 2.5 hours. This series sells for Rp. 11 million in Platinum Silver and Ebony Black.

Yoga Book Tablet

Lenovo offers a 9-mm thin Yoga Book 2-in-one tablet device. The device has a 10.1 inch IPS Full HD display with Dolby Atmos features as a speaker support. Users can also use Real Pen from Wacom for the notes, browsing, and drawing functions. Real Pen already has the ability to detect 2,048 levels of pressure to capture the subtle nuances of each stroke. The device is easy to operate with one or two hands. Yoga Book comes in Android and Windows versions with a thinness of 4.05 mm. Weighing only reaches 690 grams. The uniqueness of the Yoga Book is more pronounced with the Halo Keyboard sensation, which is a type of 'virtual' keyboard that is active when turning on the Type mode. Typing using Halo Keyboard is like using a keyboard on a laptop but is not physically tangible. The Yoga Book is strengthened with an Intel Atom processor inside a super thin chip. Yoga Book can now be obtained exclusively through bhinneka.com at a price of Rp. 8 million for the Android version, and Rp. 7 million for Windows.

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