Future Computer Technology, Maybe it can Come True?

Along with the times, and the progress of science and technology that is so fast, it is not impossible for humans to enjoy a variety of services that are increasingly sophisticated and fast as well as computers. Recently NEC Design Ltd, an institution in Japan, offered a new concept about computer technology that was very surprising. The concept is the Pen Model Computer. The model of this computer is the pen model. At first glance this pen is very unlikely to be called a computer. And if you already know the function and its benefits, we certainly will be surprised.

This computer is called P-ISM.

As explained by the NEC designer as "Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package". This computer model is estimated to be worth $ 30,000

or around 300 million rupiah. The price for the size of a computer may be very expensive, but if viewed from a biological perspective, there is nothing. According to the NECDesign Website, this P-ISM type computer is a pen computer package that includes 5 functions, namely:

a.Phone-style mobile phone by means of data input using handwriting
Virtual Keyboard
c.Small projector
d.Camera Scanned
e.Personal ID password that functions as the owner's identity

P-ISM is connected to each other with adjacent wireless technology. This model can also be connected to the internet using the mobile phone function in this P-ISM. This personal gadget is a minimalist pen style that has amazingly complete features. At first we thought that the laptop technology model "Keyboard and screen" would last a long time. But we cannot deny that the pen and paper are stationery and symbols that we naturally receive, only it's only a matter of time until someone discovers the latest Sophisticated products impersonated as "Smart Pens" or "Smart Papers". So maybe the laptop (laptop) will no longer sell. In addition to NEC Design Ltd, the world's leading computer company Microsoft Corporation also doesn't want to be left behind. Recently Microsoft is developing a prototype of a future computer and is perfecting it. This computer is named

Microsoft &Surface

In this technology, suppose we have a digital camera and a cellphone / cellphone that already has wareless support, then after we take pictures of an object / person with the camera, then the camera

that we put on a touch monitor or touchscreen that resembles a table. After being placed, then the image of the object or face that we have taken on the screen will appear on the screen without us moving it. Then with this technology, the image can be enlarged, reduced, turned back and forth by hand. And even more exciting. Put a cellphone on the table. Move the image on the monitor towards the phone. And immediately the image has moved to our mobile memory card without us holding the cellphone.

Two developments in computer technology above may be realized in a sufficiently long period of time. We certainly have to wait patiently. But in the near future we will also be treated to the development of computer technology that is no less sophisticated.

In 2010, a new type of laptop will be released soon. In terms of form and sophistication, the laptop that will be released this year is really very fantastic.

TriBook with three ultra wide screen concepts which is 21in wide screen. It also has an 8x Super Drive, 1TB hard drive, and MacBook Pro Caliber CPU, plus a multitouchtrackpad keyboard.

This future generation of laptops is made by German industrial designer Felix Schmidberger, a classy, ​​elegant, futuristic model of laptops that uses OLED touchscreen.

Perhaps more accurately called a Paper PC because of its shape like a sheet of paper in the form of a screen as an interface and equipped with a pen to operate it by means of the touch screen.

A laptop that has two screens with a book-like design, Prototype of XO-2 and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). Those are some future developments in computer technology that can further facilitate human life. Because in my opinion the main function of technology is created in order to facilitate human life.

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