5 Advanced Technology That Is Being Developed Now, Will Humans Get Rid?

Technology has developed so rapidly from time to time. As if never reaching the peak of satisfaction, scientists continue to strive to create the latest innovations in the world of technology. Many sophisticated objects have been planned to be created in the future.

Currently scientists are busy preparing some advanced technology that has been planned beforehand. Here Jaka has leaked 5 advanced technologies that are currently being developed. Anything?

1. Quantum Computers

Starting from the idea that was sparked by some physicists about quantum systems that can do the calculation process and can also be a simulator for quantum physics experiments. Scientists began to conduct research on quantum systems and the logic that corresponds to these systems to develop Quantum Computers.

Quantum computers are calculators that use a phenomenon of quantum mechanics to carry out data operations. Compared to ordinary computers, quantum computers are believed to solve problems faster. Not only does it work faster, quantum computers can also solve almost all of the protective coding programs that are used in the banking, medical, business and government world-wide. This computer is even able to do millions of calculations at the same time and predict weather forecasts on earth along with other natural phenomena very accurately.

2. Holograms

If all this time we can only see holographic technology in Hollywood films like Star Wars, then the next few years, the technology will exist in the real world.

The hologram is a 3D communication tool that allows the caller as if he was sitting face to face with someone who was contacted. A Polish company is trying to develop this sophisticated technology and plans to release it in about 5 years.

3. Nanotechnology

The next advanced technology that is being developed at this time is Nanotechnology which is a technology measuring 1 / billionth of a meter that allows humans to manipulate super-tiny particles that are almost as small as an atom. With this nanotechnology, humans can create new materials in the form of particles that can be used for everything.

Even with Nanotechnology, humans can create super small computers with millions of GB of storage media. This of course will greatly facilitate humans where we can store as much as important data in objects the size of two fingers.

4. Mind Reader

One computer body in the world, IBM, is developing a computer that can interact with humans through the mind. Humans only need to use a headset that is able to read thought waves from the brain which will then be sent through a computer. So, humans do not need to move their hands to tinker with computers, just think about it and human commands will soon be accepted by these sophisticated computers.

5. Laundroid

Japan which is a country with very rapid technological development is currently developing new innovations. A company in Japan is working hard to create a robot named Laundroid which is a washing machine robot to make household chores easier. This technology has sensors to identify the type of clothes to be washed. Not only can washing, Laundroid robots can also fold clothes that have been dried very neatly.

The Laundroid robot has actually been launched in 2015, but the company that made it feel the need to do some more development to perfect the technology.

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