Easy Ways to Block WhatsApp Contacts Unknown

WhatsApp application or people call it WA, very much in use. Whether it's from young people to parents using this application because of the ease of use and many features offered and of course free for WhatsApp users.

But many also use the WhatsApp application by misusing it such as fraud, prankster, or ex who want to return: ') Ahhh. Before the person uses a random or random number system to cheat or just for fun, then how do you deal with it? The trick is very simple, that is by blocking the number. Check out the tutorial below:

How to Block WhatsApp Contacts on Android

There are two ways to block contact numbers on WhatsApp, namely in the settings menu and in chat or messages from the number you want to block.

The first way through the settings menu [settings]
1. Open the WhatsApp application.
2. In the initial display, click Point three at the top right of the screen> Click Settings [settings].
3. Click Account> Click Privacy> Scroll down then there is the Contacts menu blocked.
4. In the Blocked Contacts menu there is a row of contacts that you have blocked if you want to add the contact number that you want to block, just click Add at the top right of your screen then select the number you want to block.

The second way is via chat or message

1. Open the WhatsApp application.
2. Select a chat or message from a foreign number that you want to block.
3. Click Point three on the right side of the screen> Click Block.

As a result of being able to block WhatsApp numbers
Here are some things that will happen if you block other people's numbers on the WhatsApp application.

  • Messages sent by numbers that you have blocked will not appear or be sent to your WA application.
  • Information visible or when you are online will no longer be visible to the number you blocked.
  • Updating messages or changing WA photos will no longer be visible.
  • You or the number you have blocked cannot send messages or receive phone calls.
  • Blocking numbers on WhatsApp will not delete those numbers in your phone. So if you want to delete the number you have to delete the number from your phone contact.

Thus this posting about Easy Ways to Block WhatsApp Contacts Unknown. May be useful.

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